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JMH AUDIO concepts

Your audio company that builds components with a purpose. Utilizing years of experience, JMH Audio Concepts has built fullrange speakers, subwoofers, ATV enclosures, UTV enclosures, and golf cart enclosures that capitilize on the characteristics you need in a high-performance audio component.


About Us

What is jmh audio concepts?

JMH Audio Concepts is a family operated company with the purpose of building quality products with specific design philosophies.

What are our design philosophies?

Designing products with a purpose, not loading down products with shiny doodads that do nothing to improve sound, build quality or dependability. All that does, in my opinion, is distract consumers from an inferior product. I'm not saying that companies can't add these things or that all companies that do it make an inferior product, but there are several companies that do.

Our products are designed utilizing real-world specs and real-world testing. We are not an entry level company, and our products are designed and hand assembled in the USA. This means we can oversee total build and quality control the assembly. more>>>